Glancy Fawcett Remain a European-Operating Business

Brexit Update

Glancy Fawcett Statement:

At this moment in time, the trade deal negotiations between the E.U. and the U.K. are still in progress. We therefore want to reassure and update our customers on the steps we have taken to ensure that, even if a trade deal isn’t secured, we will still be able to uphold our exceptional service.

We have established our company in Ireland where our quality control, packing and distribution will be handled, along with our invoicing. This will ensure that there will be no unnecessary duties or taxes on goods manufactured in the E.U. and it will also ensure that our deliveries do not require lots of additional paperwork. Our Project Team and Showroom will remain in the U.K.

Even though we will be operating from two locations, we absolutely assure you that there will be no change to our service and you will still be dealing with one company.

Please be assured that, regardless of the outcome of the trade negotiations, our customers will continue to get the same fantastic service that they have always had from us here at Glancy Fawcett. Thank you once again for your continued custom.

If you have any questions regarding trading with Glancy Fawcett Ireland Limited, please get in touch, and we will be happy to help. Speak to one of our experts on +44 (0)161 876 5356 or email us at 

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