GF Designed Linen

Our Own Brand of Bed Linen & Towelling

An exquisite arrangement of linens born from our experience... 


We have been working with the finest linens for more than 30 years. Over our time we have curated and designed our own range, born from our experience and knowledge. Our GF Designed Linens are carefully crafted; each piece an elegant variation on an overall theme defined by natural beauty, grace and classic design. Attention to detail is paramount, and the delicate embroidery on each piece is incredibly intricate, hinting at opulence while remaining subtle and understated.

white bed linen with silver embroidery and an oxford border
white bed linen with two embroidered lines and three pillows

All of our GF Designed Linens, including bed linen and towels, are a harmonious blend of old and new. Traditional techniques have been meticulously researched, and those that have stood the test of time have been hand-picked for modern reinvention.

Our GF Designed towelling has been crafted to match the colours and quality of our bed linen, presenting an entire selection of coordinating designs. Suiting any interior, the pieces have become classics in their own right.

a stack of folded towels with grey shimmery embroidery
Cristal & Bronze
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