Luxury Cushions – A Finishing Touch For Your Interior

World-renowned soft furnishings...


Alongside the likes of throws, cushions are a great accessory for your interior space.
We supply an extensive selection of beautiful cushions you can pick to add to your
interior, finishing the room or changing the look seasonally. From adding tone with
colourful and patterned scatter cushions, to maintaining a timeless look with neutral
and textured decorative cushions.

a pile of dark blue and light pink cushions lying on a dark blue cashmere throw

Our range includes multiple sizes and textures and you are able to pick fabrics and
finishes to aid your interior scheme. We'll help you to collate a stunning array of 
luxury products that are practical whilst remaining luxurious.

You can browse our range of cushions in our Manchester Showroom, a discrete
space allowing you to immerse yourself in your project. Whether the bedroom,
sundeck or garden we provide exterior and interior fabric, to let your interior vision
go beyond the walls of your home. You can also personalise with our in-house
design team.

two ivory pillows with beaded style embroidery and silk oxford borders