GF Designed Tableware

Our Own Brand Exquisite Tableware

Our own brand of exquisite tableware...


Our GF Collection of tableware features the very finest hand-cut crystal, porcelain,
china, matching table linen and silverware and has been curated and designed by
our team from decades of experience and knowledge of working with luxury lifestyle
products. Our GF Collection of fine dinnerware consists of two carefully crafted
ranges; the Signature Collection and our Timeless Collection in partnership with Bernardaud.

white and gold art deco patterned porcelain plate with table linen and cutlery
multi coloured mosaic patterned porcelain plate with table linen and cutlery

The Timeless Collection is crafted from the world's finest Limoges porcelain
by Bernaudaud, designed to be classic for eternity. In its infancy, the Collection
stemmed from our design team's vision, sketched and refined overtime before
production of the final pieces.

The Signature Collection features the highest quality of fine bone china, renowned
for its beautiful translucent finish and qualities of strength. The collection features
stunning patterns and designs, finished with the highest levels of gold and platinum
both printed and gilded for a luxurious table setting.

Attention to detail is paramount; the design on each piece in the GF Collection
is incredibly intricate, hinting at opulence while remaining subtle and understated. The
tableware in the GF Collection has been fashioned and finished by some of the
world's last remaining authentic expert craftsmen at the top of their profession,
working to the highest standards and with the most intricate detail - first class
examples of traditional craftsmanship.

The individual pieces include hand-decorated details such as 24k gold & platinum
gilding, dusting and decals, alongside striking patterns and colours. Each piece
exudes elegance whilst maintaining the practical function of any dining situation.

blue and silver koi carp fish patterned porcelain plate