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Stylish products for live-in Crew & House Staff

Our curated collection of cost-effective but stylish products from world-leading brands...


We have worked with teams across superyachts, private aircraft and private residences for many years and from our experience, we have curated a versatile collection of products intended to retain style while offering practical functionality.

We'll work with you to recommend products that retain comfort and quality, are in keeping with your interior and are functional in the space you have available.

crisp oxford bordered pillows and bed linen with two embroidered lines
modern white luxury bathroom towels with  two gold fabric borders

We understand that easy to care for products and organisation of products are essential when running a superyacht, aircraft or home. For example, we can create bespoke bedding for unusually sized beds, or we can tailor your items to include a personal motif so when washing you know where and who the product belongs to.

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