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The Finest Crystal for Your Table Setting

Build the ambience of your interior adding sparkle with stunning crystal...


A good glass is like an old friend that you cherish and visit time and time again.
Considering how you use the piece and how it feels in your hand is very important.
Whether you are looking for an elegant, modern crystal or a traditionally cut crystal,
our team will take your requirements and match product to suit your interior and

a white wine, red wine and water crystal class with hand cut lines in the glass
multi-coloured crystal glasses in green, blue and pink and purple

The crystal we supply is the finest quality, crafted by the world's last remaining
craftsman, hand-blown and hand cut from years of training. We supply everything
from wine, water, and tumbler glasses to coloured champagne flutes, creative
cocktail glasses and show-stopping decanters.

We will pair your tastes with the function of the products and how you wish to dine
and entertain, ensuring the product suits your interior and what is going into the

Master the art of table dressing to suit any occasion and drink. You can also create
something truly unique to you and your interior scheme with our in-house product
Design Team. A top tip for entertaining is to choose a pop of colour, or cut-crystal
to create a unique effect that your guests will love.

smooth and long crystal glasses and decanters in a line
Cristal & Bronze
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