Glancy Fawcett Join the Green Wings Challenge

Our business is relationship-based, and as a global business, we love to see our clients face-to-face. That said, we continue to strive to be more sustainable and eco-friendly with everything we do, and therefore jumped at the chance to join the #GreenWingsChallenge with our friends at Gym Marine and Yacht Carbon Offset.

We were encouraged to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of our 2019 air travel, helping our industry aim to offset enough kilometres to fly to the moon and back ten times! Tom, Elizabeth and Lauren calculated the flights they had taken last year; in total this was 85 flights, and 243,868 km travelled. With the help of Yacht Carbon Offset, the team were able to offset 46.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions, contributing towards certified carbon reductions projects.

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GF Team Green Wings Challenge Results

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